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ATC Carpet Cleaning Adelaide provides professional carpet cleaning service, 4 room carpet steam cleaning from $90. Carpet Cleaning Call 1300 497 742!!
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Carpet being one of the costliest investment that goes into building a home, it warrants due care and regular cleaning. Carpets especially in high traffic areas takes in a lot of dust and grime which look clean to the eye but has lot of nasties hidden in its fibers, some of which include:

  • Dust and sand
  • Dust mites
  • Yeast and mold
  • Dead skin fragments
  • Pollutants and contaminants absorbed from the air and soil

These contaminants not only are not good for your carpet but also for members of your family especially children and allergy sufferers. If you have pets at home, it becomes even more important that you have professionals come in to handle this job for you. Supermarket cleaning products, no matter what they claim just clean the carpets superficially, they are not designed for a deep clean and on top of that the scrubbing can lead to damage of the carpet fibers and fade spots which is uncalled for. This is where Hem’s carpet cleaning steps in, as we dry or steam clean your carpets and deodorize your place before we leave so that your rooms feel a smell fresh and clean. Hem’s Carpet Cleaning Adelaide provides flawless and immaculate carpet cleaning services in Adelaide for domestic and commercial properties.
What do our Carpet Cleaning services in Adelaide include?

Our services inculcate:

  • Carpet dry cleaning
  • Carpet steam cleaning
  • Rug cleaning
  • Carpet shampooing
  • Carpet repair
  • 100% stain removal
  • Odor removal
  • Carpet sanitizing and deodorizing
  • Carpet water removal

Our Carpet Cleaning protocol:

Adelaide Total Clean Carpet Cleaning Adelaide endorses a meticulous and effective cleaning process for carpet cleaning. This comprises the following steps:

  • Inspection – Our experienced cleaners will inspect your carpets in detail to look for soiling, stains, and problem spots and to familiarize with the carpet fabric and condition. Accordingly, they will fabricate a plan as to what exactly what the carpet needs and discuss the same with you.
  • Pre-Vacuum – To get rid of dry soil the carpet is pre-vacuumed with our professional machines.
  • Pre-Treatment – Pre-treatment for carpets in problem areas is essential to avoid permanent staining and fabric fading. All stains are pre-treated with special chemicals for good end results.
  • Cleaning – Hot water extraction and rinsing is done with mechanically controlled of the pressure and temperature.
  • Post-Stain Treatment – After the clean, our cleaners go through the carpet again to check if any stubborn stains have been left behind. In this case, special stain removal solutions are used.
  • Sanitizing – Any cleaning process is not complete without sanitization.
  • Post-Inspection – This is when you can inspect your carpet and check if everything is perfect to your expectations and that you are a 100% satisfied.
  • Hassel-Free – To make the whole process hassle free for you we take care of moving the furniture around and placing it back once the job is done.

Where do we do Carpet Cleaning Adelaide:

  1. Commercial
  2. Industrial
  3. Residential/Units/Town Houses/Apartments
  4. Hotels/Hospitals

Why would you trust us for your Carpet Cleaning in Adelaide?

  1. Professional & efficient services
  2. Guaranteed results
  3. Service insurance
  4. Best price guarantee
  5. No hidden charges or surprises
  6. Dependable and reliable cleaners
  7. Use Eco-Friendly Cleaning agents
  8. All cleaners are Certified and licensed
  9. We are Locals

Our guarantee for your carpet cleaning needs in Adelaide:

ATC Carpet Cleaning guarantees immaculate cleanings services to the customers in carpet cleaning Adelaide. We are determined to give our valuable clients the best customer service. Our carpet cleaning services give guaranteed results for 100% customer satisfaction. Our professional cleaners will leave no thread unturned and will not leave your place until you give a tick for the services provided. Otherwise, we will re-clean your property without any extra charge!

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